Kaspar Companies: Director of Operations

Kaspar Companies | Shiner, TX, United States

Posted Date 5/23/2022

The Director of Operations at Kaspar Companies will be tasked with continuing a lean transformation across all operational functions of Kaspar Companies. Proficiency in work-flow processes, component machining, one-piece flow, value stream efficiency, and systems-thinking is critical. Together, with the KCI management team, the Director of Operations will be responsible for co-developing and maintaining a healthy, vibrant corporate culture, centered around lean and will ensure that safety, quality, delivery, productivity, and cost are at the center of all operational decisions and improvement initiatives. The candidate must be a natural leader and enjoy teaching, coaching, and influencing.

Shepherd KCI through a multi-year lean transformation building on a tradition rich legacy that spans over a century. Kaspar Companies is a leading Manufacturer of a variety of steel products with revenue exceeding $100 million. The Director of Operations will drive to help produce operational growth inside the business with current and future products, with an emphasis on streamlining operations and driving productivity throughout the plant.

Strategic vision and leadership
• Collaborate with the Kaspar Companies Executives and Management Team to refine and implement the lean transformation strategic plan.
• Create and reinforce a culture that looks first to blame the process before the person.
• Create and reinforce a culture that makes failure acceptable in trying new things.
• Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with employees and ensure open communication about the measurement of performance against stated milestones and goals.
• Integral leader in developing and implementing preventive and predictive maintenance for their area of responsibility.

Strengthening Operations
• Craft and propose the strategic & tactical moves, documenting these moves in an action plan, leading the lean transformation positioning the process and team to move forward on its lean journey
• Tirelessly drive for productivity
• Following the creation of the action plan, coordinate at least 6 kaizen events over the next twelve months.
• After the first three months, be equipped to personally run and facilitate at least one kaizen a quarter.
• Collaborate with the Kaspar Ranch Hand management team to establish operational stretch goals that addresses: ROIC, inventory turns, gross profit margins, lead times, customer satisfaction, or other appropriate annual KPIs.
• Work directly in operations on flow being directly involved with TAKT time calculations and crafting tactical moves around the results.
• Over the first twelve months, work with the CEO/COO and CAO of Kaspar Companies to document a lean framework that Kaspar Companies and its subsidiaries can embrace.
• Implement value stream and cell manufacturing.
• Leads the production team to drive outstanding results in the areas of safety, delivery, quality, cost, maintenance, and continuous improvement.
• Coaches and develops team members in personal accountability, root cause corrective action, interpersonal communications, and company procedures and policies.

Day to Day
• Be a blue-collar leader. Be prepared on any given day to roll up your sleeves and literally get dirty.
• Performs in a hybrid role of operational leader and continuous improvement leader actively participating in each task daily.
• Every day be a part of at least one GEMBA walk holding the teams accountable and mentoring the teams on the process and continuous improvement.
• Ensuring that daily Metrics are clear, understood, and being achieved to meet the company’s targets
• Be responsible daily cost and spend, as well as, operate and forward plan a plant wide budget
• Be on the factory floor coaching and teaching the operation leaders of the various subsidiary companies together with midlevel management various lean operational principles.
• Promote the Kaspar Companies values within the organization of family, stewardship, and versatility.

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