Medical assistant

Sentinel Primary Care | Raleigh, NC, United States

Posted Date 5/21/2022

Sentinel Primary Care is seeking a medical assistant or similar licensure to join a growing direct primary care (DPC) practice.  The direct primary care model has a particular emphasis on personal attention and customer service, so the ideal candidate will be well-liked by patients, experienced in healthcare, able to work in a small-office setting, and enthusiastic for the Christian mission of the practice.  The direct primary care model makes for a lower stress work environment than a traditional high-productivity insurance based office. 

  • Education: Two-year college or higher preferred
  • Experience: Minimum of 1 year of clinical experience. Experience in internal medicine or family practice desired but not required.
  • Skills: experienced with electronic health records software; familiar with variety of office equipment including EKG and spirometry; able to administer injected medications and vaccinations; able to perform phlebotomy or willing to undergo training.

 See the employer profile for additional information about Sentinel Primary Care.


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