Android Engineering

Parler, Inc | Nashville, TN, United States

Posted Date 9/24/2022

Android Engineer

You will join the Android team and engineer a delightful mobile experience for our free speech platform.

We are a small, but elite force serving the Parler mission, and take pride in our software craftsmanship.

Our codebase is pure kotlin and 100% Jetpack Compose. We leverage Android Architecture Components including ViewModel and navigation component (kotlin/compose DSL). Additional goodies include KTX, Hilt/Dagger, Retrofit, Flow/Suspend and Initializers.

The codebase is inspired by CLEAN architecture and leans towards reactive manifesto. 


The ideal candidate with combine these soft skills:

·        Flexibility and comfort with ambiguity, uncertainty and smaller teams

·        Initiative to make yourself visible, seek tech lead advice, and reach across team member functions for answers

·        Proactive communication skills and ability to report daily progress

·        Attention to detail especially design-need and building against UI specifications (experience building from Figma is a plus!)

With a majority of these technical skills and a willingness to learn:

·        At least one year experience building native Android applications in kotlin

·        Ability to program in declarative UI’s with reactive concepts (flow/suspend)

·        SOLID principles, functional programming, and architecture concepts

·        Ability to build front-end systems with mocked APIs or in-memory stubs

·        Quick learning to pick up a truly modern Android application

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