E-commerce/Online Store Logistics, Order Fulfillment Lead

The Adventure Agents LLC | Battle Ground, WA, United States

Posted Date 11/01/2021

The Adventure Agents LLC is seeking seasonal help (with the potential for fulltime employment) at our office in the city limits of Battle Ground Washington.  The right individual will be willing and able to drive to our office at least 5 days per week until the end of the year.  

This position involves receiving and interpreting incoming order information and turning it into physical packages to be delivered to our Agents around the globe.  You must have strong computer skills, be quick to adapt to an everchanging business, very detail oriented, organized, and be reliable.  Someone with a regular fitness routine and ability to push themselves is highly desired.  Our current team consists of hard working, attentive, detail oriented, perfectionists that do not accept anything less than the very best effort from ourselves and each other.

Tardy, selfish, disorganized, non-reliable, and/or non-respectful individuals have no place on our team.

We are faced with the current situation:  Bring on a new team member to help lighten the workload on our current staff.  Or, leave our team the same and work overt time to meet the growing demands on us this season.  If we are unable to find the right person to join our team, we will choose the latter.  We refuse to compromise on our pillars of success: high expectations of quality work and self accountability.

To be clear, speed a quickness is less the goal in this position.  Attention to detail and precision is paramount to achieving our goal this season, and going forward.  You will be given all the tools and time you need to help us achieve this goal.  Question is, do you have what it takes to be a member of our team that meets the aforementioned criteria?

If you are interested in this challenging opportunity to help us achieve our goals, please apply to setup a meeting with me, Diego. 

Please provide us with your contact info as well as your age, work history, personal/professional letters of recommendation (if applicable), social media accounts (if applicable) and a short description of why you think you may be a good fit for the position.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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