Curtiss Law | Plainview, NE, United States

Posted Date 9/17/2022

Curtiss Law Office is looking for an Attorney who is willing and able to move into a small town setting, and take over a thriving law practice.  A buy in or work in plan could be discussed.   Community of Plainview is about 1,300 people, has doctor, hospital, school, swimming pool, local country club, and a prosperous irrigated farming area.  Only 50 miles from the senic Niobrara/Missouri Recreational River; immediate area also has a number of smaller lakes, and a trout stream.    I am about the only full time attorney in Pierce County, and also have business and estate work in Antelope County and Knox County.  Two other communities in Pierce County would be highly supportive of a part time office, if a person should so desire.  The community of Norfolk, Nebraska, is about 35,000 pop., and is 45 minutes away. I constantly have more work than I can do, including business and succession planning, estate work, real estate, and tax work.  Plus many areas of practice (litigation, family law, etc.) I simply have to turn down and refer out.   My intent would be to 'phase out' cutting down my days in the office and supporting whoever was to buy in/move in, and move into the area.  My hope is to support the small town by transitioning to another full time attorney.   So far as "freedom" to work goes, I am my own manager, and have some experienced staff, and some new staff in training.  I shut down not at all during the recent Covid and other health scares, and never stopped going to breakfast and lunch each day in local cafes.  Plus we continued our weekend recreation without interruption, at a condo I built near the river.   I have been here, in the same location, since 1976, and have a significant clientel and following, which would likely stay on if a proper transition can be had.  Any interested party can contact me by email at:; or call office phone, 402.582.3838; or call my cell phone, 402.649.5978.  

Salary5000.00 - 10000.00 Month
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