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Mattang | United States

Posted Date 7/18/2022

About Us 

A mattang is a navigational tool used by Polynesian sailors to find their way through the open seas by reading the waves. Businesses today are frequently lost, adrift in an ocean of data. We at Mattang use the best emerging technologies to help businesses chart new voyages with their data. 

What We Believe  

We believe the future is in data, and that problems are better understood and solved through a combination of the right tools and the right people. By fixing data, we believe we can help fix the world. This gives us hope for a better tomorrow. 

What We Do 

Mattang is the first dedicated North American partner of CluedIn, a groundbreaking Modern Data Management (MDM) platform. We help companies change a sea of data into powerful decision-making tools that can transform their business. 

Your Future Role 

Mattang is searching for a software engineer who can help us reach our goals of MDM. As a Software Engineer, you will join a growing team of inspired developers and learn how to build integrations to CluedIn.?If you are a self-driven engineer ready to embrace disruptive technologies, this position is for you! 


  • Programming Skills: C# / .NET (+3yr professional experience)
  • Working with APIs / integration experience (REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, etc.) (+2yr professional experience)
  • Database Knowledge (Relational, Document, Graph, etc.)
  • Technology Experience (Kubernetes, Terraform, Azure, AWS, GCP, MDM, Docker, Git, DevOps, etc.)


NOTE: This is a generic job description.  We are looking for a wide range of skillsets and would be happy to have a discussion to design a job for you.

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