Product Manager, Media & Brands

New Founding Corporation | Dallas, TX, United States

Posted Date 4/27/2022

Product Manager, Media & Brands

New Founding is hiring a Product Manager to help craft, spec, lead, and ship projects for our media portfolio and brands. We are looking for someone with experience in Product/Project Management who enjoys working with stakeholders, developers/designers, and contractors in order to help our various brands succeed. This position is based in Dallas, TX.

Our Mission

Business and finance have been co-opted by radical political agendas. Media and the arts have become rigidly ideological, stifling creativity and political discourse. Many of our country’s leading voices hate America’s virtues and undermine America’s promise. They could not build what they are destroying. We are charting another course. Across every sector lies a frontier with new and inspiring potential. We are bringing together people and resources to realize it. This means new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people.

About The Work

New Founding is a media-focused venture broadly divided into three areas: a Media Group, a Capital Investments Group, and a Technology Group. The audiences, businesses, and users that we hope to attract and serve will learn about us primarily from our media content. As such, this position will play a critical role in the overall growth of New Founding and our associated brands. You'll get to work with some great people as we seek to deliver products that are excellent in both form and content. 

Some of our current brands include:

  • Align:  a newsletter & podcast that seeks to inform and connect Americans with vetted, high-quality, and values-aligned businesses. 
  • RETURN: a tech & culture publication that tackles how to live as a free human in the digital age. 
  • American Man: a men’s lifestyle newsletter that affirms men and masculinity, and helps men become the best they can be so they can thrive for themselves, their families, communities, and country. 
  • American Woman: an upcoming women’s lifestyle newsletter & podcast that reaffirms women and femininity and encourages women to embrace and exercise the strength and beauty of womanhood. 
  • American Reformer: a journal of cultural & political thought rooted in the rich tradition of Protestantism, as well as a network of resources to help leaders reshape existing and important Christian institutions. 

Your primary focus will be helping plan, spec, shepherd, and ship tech-based projects that support our brands and publications. This will include working with designers, developers, and brand stakeholders (the hosts or writers of our podcasts/publications, for example) to help define requirements, create roadmaps, and lead the implementation of said roadmaps. 

To help support our multiple brands and publications, you’ll be working under an agency model to contract with and prioritize work across our portfolio. As part of this model, you’ll be responsible for communicating your team’s availability to brands that may need work done, as well as roadmapping it out. 

Here is a sample of projects you might work on:

  • Identify valuable product initiatives & gaps and detail a plan to tackle them.
  • Work with designers and stakeholders to build brand identities for emerging publications or newsletters.
  • Work with developers to spec, roadmap, and launch websites, website redesigns, and brand styleguides.
  • Collaborate with our technical infrastructure team to support and maintain the tech that undergirds our membership services (i.e. payments, member-exclusive digital communities, newsletter platforms, etc.).
  • Implement and lead a repeatable project delivery process across brands that maximizes efficiency and transparency for all involved. 

As an early hire on both the product team and New Founding as a whole, you’ll have a lot of impact across the organization but the bar will also be higher: we hire Privates who have the skills, capacity, and drive to eventually become Captains, and Captains who can become Colonels. Along those lines, New Founding isn’t a pit stop for you—you really want to be here, and for a long while.

About You

You’re an experienced product owner with a demonstrable track record of shipping projects across all stages of development, from ideation to launch. Ideally, you’ve worked with media-focused brands before—the breadth and variety of New Founding’s audiences require the ability to think creatively across domains: one day you’ll be working with our journal of political and cultural thought, only to switch to our women’s lifestyle publication or tea company on the following day. If you come from a more traditional SaaS background, that’s fine too—just know that this role is more akin to working at an agency with D2C brands with multiple client projects going on at the same time rather than laser-focused on one particular piece of software. 

Highly-qualified candidates will have:

  1. Media/D2C background preferred.
  2. Experience working with Agile/SCRUM methodologies.
  3. Great design intuition (bonus points if you can roll your sleeves up in Figma and knock out competent mockups).
  4. Ability to build strong relationships across business, design, and engineering teams.
  5. Excellent organizational skills: managing multiple projects comes naturally, as does measuring their progress and outcomes.
  6. Natural ability to rally others around a project.
  7. Genuine curiosity and interest in the topics/focus of our various brands and audiences.

At New Founding, we value “proof of work” a lot more than traditional credentials and care about what you can do a great deal more than where you went to school. We also put a premium on excellent writers, a skill highly-qualified candidates will be expected to possess. 

The ideal candidate will also be a top-notch communicator and a dependable teammate. When projects and deadlines are in your hands, the team can implicitly trust that you’ll commit to work that is ambitious but doable and provide clear visibility on progress. If deadlines change, obstacles pop up, or critical incidents occur, you’ll be the first to let the team know the whats and whys and propose a path forward.

We really value ownership and skin in the game: if you have bold, creative ideas, the work ethic and ability to execute and follow-through, and the clarity to explain and defend your decisions, you’ll enjoy working with us.

How to Apply

Send us your resume and a cover letter that tells us about you, why you’re interested in New Founding, and the impact you’d make here. More specifically, we’d like your take on the following:

  • Compared to other profiles on LI with similar backgrounds/skills, what makes you unique? 
  • What's a D2C or media project you shipped that you're particularly proud of?
  • Tell us about a time when others depended on you for direction during a difficult project.

We want to get a sense of how you think and communicate; with that said, please keep your cover letter to a maximum of 1,500 words. We look forward to hearing from you.

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