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Marsella & Co. | United States

Posted Date 5/22/2022

Open Position:

Marsella & Co. is serving the fundamental needs of the human experience. You can read more about our team here:

We're growing and looking for a fully remote Part-Time/ Full-Time Software Developer Intern based in the US to join our team. We would love to find someone that understands our mission and vision and desires to grow alongside us. Note, you will be required to sign a Statement of Faith as a condition to working with us. We utilize Slack for communications, Zoom for weekly meetings. The goal of this internship position would be one of the following: result in an internal hire, result in being hired by one of our many clients, result in you getting hired based on your improved resume.

Please let us know what programming languages you have pursued in your free-time, projects, code-camps.

Our Mission

Founded upon an earnest desire to serve the Lord and grow His kingdom, Marsella & Co. focuses on creating, growing, and helping businesses that share the same vision and passion. 

We create businesses that serve the fundamental needs of the human experience. As people, we all share common needs, no matter where we live or what culture we come from. Marsella & Co. strives to support and scale businesses by creating strategies and implementing technologies for their success.

This position starts as unpaid as we build trust together and increase your experience to get you paid.


Marsella & Co. has one overarching vision, and that is using business as a vehicle for the gospel.

Core Focus

Sharing the goodness of Christ Jesus with the world and serving those in need.


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