Injection Molding Machine Operator - Full/ Part time All shifts

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Posted Date 11/17/2022


Injection Molding Operator Job Description


Classification: Non-exempt

Department: Operations

Reports to: Shift Supervisor



The Injection Molding Operator manages each step of the process required to liquefy plastic material, inject it into a mold, and eject the molded product, including coordinating with other employees and reporting any defects to their supervisor.



  • Starts machine that automatically feeds plastic material in the heating chamber, injects liquefied material into the mold and ejects the molded product.

  • Observes meters and gauges to monitor specified temperatures, pressures, and press-cycle times.

  • Operates the machines to regulate production settings and to close the press.

  • Observes continuous operation of automatic machines, supplies and bins of molded parts.

  • Weighs prescribed amounts of material for the mixing of materials, additives or colorants and finished product to ensure specifications are maintained.

  • Removes product from mold or conveyor and cleans and reloads mold.

  • Examines the molded product for surface defects, such as dents, bubbles, thin areas, and cracks.

  • Fills tubs, boxes or packages with product for shipping or cases.

  • Manages cooling of plastic material after forming product to cool product after processing to prevent distortion or warping.

  • Reports defect in product or molds to supervisor.

  • Trims flashing from the product.

  • Throws flash and rejected parts into grinder machine or bin to be recycled.

  • Stacks molded parts in boxes or on conveyor for subsequent processing.




  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • No experience necessary


Compensation and Benefits:


  • Hourly wages commensurate with experience

  • Shift differential bonus

  • Sign-on bonus

  • Housing bonus or company subsidized housing

  • Referral bonus

  • Two weeks paid vacation

  • Medical supplemental benefits

  • Other fringe benefits

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