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MogerMedia | Houston, TX, United States

Posted Date 4/26/2022

Every morning brings opportunity. That’s any winning sales professional wakes up. There’s no buzz like building new business because YOU make it happen.

Does NO mean “go away” to you? Then, please do. That's because I’m opening this door for a self-starting business development person who eats NO for breakfast and says, “thanks, I’ll have another.”

Do you believe anything less than YES is bad for everyone? Then, I’ll show you how to MacGyver this into a six-figure gig: a full-time commission position with benefits, 401k, paid vacay, and a bevy of tools.

We’re a collaborative team with a 22-year track record of growing owner-operated businesses by 50 percent and more year-to-year.

We are not a posh shop. We work hard and have each other’s backs. We focus on making a bankable difference in the lives of our clients. We believe our work must sparkle and intrigue. We also believe in 100% accountability from each other—and our clients.

What’s expected of you? Be an adult: Show up on time. Keep promises. You'll need to know your way around a Mac (sorry, no Windows), conjugate complex verbs, operate a phone, be able to lift 40 pounds (yeah, that's kinda random), have a clean driving record, and be able to pass a drug test.

You’ll prospect, convert, and manage new business for two home-oriented radio programs, as interactive services. Radio sales experience is a plus. I'll give experienced sellers a running start managing some established accounts. All together you'll earn between $50-$80,000. 

A day in your life would include calls on local owner-operated business and some big game hunting with manufacturers and distributors; campaigns anywhere from $30k-$100k/year. It's a blend of face-to-face and phone/Zoom meetings.

If you're an experienced seller yearning to be set free without a bunch of douchey corporate baloney, we could be your promised land. Have less than three years of sales experience? You'll need to sell me on why you're a fit. Lacking any outside sales experience? This ain't the place to start.

Don’t doddle. Once these two positions are filled, it may be another three and a half years before the door opens again. (That’s how long the last person was with us before being lured away as a market manager for a broadcast group.)

If we speak, be prepared to go beyond your resume. I want to hear about hits and misses—we all get our share of both. This is a tight team. To join, I want to hear how YOU make a difference. Specifics talk, baloney walks. Fair enough?

TO BE CLEAR: We care about each other and our clients. A lot. We'll expect that of you too.



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