Senior IT Engineer Contractor (3-month engagement)

slashBlue | Arden Hills, MN, United States

Posted Date 11/10/2021


Role Description (Job Brief / Description)

The ideal candidate for our Senior IT Engineer Contractor role (3-month engagement) will collaborate with the technology team members at slashBlue, client team members, and operations stakeholders to solve complex client technical issues, develop solutions for service delivery tool system improvement efforts, create and implement solutions for internal and client projects where required, and ensure assigned deliverables are completed on time and within budget, aligned with the slashBlue team.

Why join us?

At slashBlue, we believe purpose precedes technology. We first help clients get in touch with their purpose, then apply the right technology to help them live it out. As an IT services provider we’ve helped transform and grow purposeful organizations across the Twin Cities and beyond by providing expertise in Business and Technology Consulting, IT Design, and Support Services.

While we do organizational performance, technology consulting, and support, this is just a means to a greater end!

Purpose pushes technology.

It’s the real mother of invention. Necessity would never have felt the need to get off the ground nonetheless lay the coolest set of tire tracks ever on Mars. Purpose’s unrelenting desire to understand the universe put that rover there, and purpose is the force that moves humanity forward.

We believe in purpose. We know tapping into it is how real progress is made. If we sound more like XPRIZE than an IT services firm, that’s not by mistake. We’re catalysts too, called to advance the world one client at a time. Our way is to put purpose first and let technology follow. For us, technology is never the solution, it’s simply the tool—a supercool tool at that—but still just a tool.

Purpose is where it all starts—each day and on each client project. We know changed people are the real agents of change and organizational growth happens when technology is a means to achieve a purpose. Each one of us is dedicated to this ideal. It’s in all that we do, from performance consulting to IT design to support services. We’re pointing the lens back to where it belongs—where there is purpose, there is progress.

Who are we?



LISTEN - Consult with slashBlue Engineers, Operational staff, and leaders to determine the needs of the project or initiative (20% of role)

Assist with the Assessment of project or initiative Needs and Requirements:

  • Assess IT needs based on a variety of factors including both internal needs to support employee activities, as well as client-facing IT elements. In this aspect of the role, the Senior IT Engineer contractor gathers extensive data and requirements related to technology usage, business metrics, and determines the organization’s data, workflow, infrastructure, security, and other technology needs, as well as desired outcomes and future needs.
  • Improve Process Efficiency - identify and utilize methods to improve current processes and uses of technology to better align them with business goals. After examining current capabilities and requirements, the Senior IT Engineer contractor may determine that new technologies are unnecessary and that improved processes and utilization of existing systems makes more sense for the project or initiative goals. The Senior IT Engineer contractor then leads in guiding personnel on more efficient and effective methodologies.
  • Facilitate technical discussions and white boarding for project integrations and technical solutions from one to many technical applications.
  • Provide technical, business consulting, and product expertise to internal staff or customers enabling comprehensive solution to be selected.

Assist with the Examination of IT Capabilities:

  • In addition to gathering needs and business requirements, the Senior IT Engineer contractor also analyzes current IT capabilities. This can involve highly technical assessments of system capabilities, security methods and technologies, and personnel training and expertise. The Senior IT Engineer contractor examines these elements of an organization’s IT infrastructure both independently and in tandem to fully understand internal or client’s IT operations.

Assist with Identifying Needed Resources, Potential IT Issues, and Present Solution(s):

  • While examining current IT structure and capabilities, the Senior IT Engineer contractor also identifies potential flaws or issues within the IT systems. While this primarily involves examining technologies and systems for design flaws, potential sources of failure, and security vulnerabilities, it can also include examining organization-wide policies for data management and determining whether current training materials adequately address potential IT adoption challenges.
  • Determine the scope of the technology solution implementation and the resources required to successfully complete.
  • Identify use cases, roles, and other business requirements for each solution.
  • Produce internal and client-facing proposals.

CRAFT - Create a technology solution to meet the business objectives and goals (50% of role)

Develop solutions by preparing and evaluating alternative solutions to met requirements:

  • Develop specification diagrams and workflows for designs to follow.
  • Specify inputs and outputs to meet user needs.
  • Use techniques such as proformas, model building, and structured analysis, along with accounting principles, to ensure the solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and financially feasible.
  • Coordinate with internal & client users to track additional requirements and features.
  • Document interfaces between new and legacy systems.
  • Build/create innovative technology solution(s).
  • Collaborate with IT team and defined outside resource(s) to build and create new solution(s).
  • Validate changes by testing solution.
  • Track progress of Implementation projects and tasks.
  • Ensure all CRAFT phase deadlines are met and scheduling issues resolved.

Root Cause Analysis, Problem Resolution, and Change Management:

  • Actively work to identify and solve repeat issues, improving on existing services or processes, where necessary
  • Demonstrate proficiency in ITIL-based Incident management
  • Demonstrate proficiency in ITIL-based Problem management
  • Demonstrates proficiency in ITIL-based Change management

TRANSFORM - Oversee implementation and initiation of the solution to validate transformation (20% of role)

  • Control solution by establishing adoption goals and coordinating transition with key stakeholders.
  • Conduct implementation pilots and help end users & leaders envision final solution.
  • Ensure adoption by providing documentation for training end users and providing support.
  • Support training of end users on the essentials of a solution to get them started on adoption.
  • Develop risk mitigation plans.
  • Transition solution(s) to operational support team.
  • Ensure solution accomplishes goals and organization mission for desired results.
  • Ensure all TRANSFORM phase deadlines are met and scheduling issues resolved.


  • Stay up to date with current technologies and technical developments.
  • Provide Technology Advice and Guidance - work closely with slashblue leaders (e.g. CEO, CTO, Investment Designer, Service Desk Manager, etc.) to provide recommendations and guidance on IT technologies, services, and solutions. This guidance can range from improving IT standards and policies to implementing entirely new systems and solutions to address the organization’s current and future IT needs including scalability, security, automation, and innovation.
  • Identify areas for process improvement within slashBlue and make recommendations to slashBlue Leadership.

Role Reports to the slashBlue reFocus Team




  • Minimum of:
    • 5-7 years professional IT experience in formal business environment
    • 5-7 years technology solution engineering experience, ideally in professional support or consulting environment
    • Experience with a wide variety of technologies highly desired (cloud applications / data / security / server / storage / routing & switching / wireless / mobile devices / automation / analytics / line of business apps / etc...)
  • Experience with Senior Care or Architecture/Engineering industry & solutions desired (Eldermark, Point of Care, Autodesk, BIM360, Bluebeam, etc.)

Technical Skills

Proven knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions, including:

  • End-User:
    • Desktop operating systems (Windows 10, MAC)
    • End-User Productivity solutions (Microsoft Office365, Teams, OneDrive; G-Suite Apps)
    • Mobile products & operating systems (iPhone, iPad, iOS)
  • Networking:
    • Network security solutions & management (SonicWall, Cisco)
    • Remote Access solutions (SonicWall, Microsoft, VPN, etc.)
  • Cloud Services:
    • Microsoft Office365 & Azure Administration
    • Industry-specific (Bluebeam, C4R, BIM360, Quickbooks Online, etc.)
  • Security Services:
    • User Account Management (Active Directory, Google Mgmt, industry-specific applications)
    • Anti-virus/anti-malware prevention & response (Bitdefender, Sophos)
  • Service Delivery Solutions:
    • Service Ticketing & Device Management Systems (Autotask, Datto RMM)
    • Knowledge Management Systems (SharePoint, ITGlue, Warranty Master, etc.)
    • Project Mgmt (Liquid Planner, MS Project, etc.)
    • Process Knowledge (ITIL, usiness Process Management, Knowledge of process design, Lean for services, etc.)
  • Scripting & Process Automation
    • Working knowledge of Powershell Scripting desired
    • Ability to identify process inefficiencies and bring solutions to address

Education Level

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Technical training/degree desired
  • Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, other technical/technology framework education or certifications desired
  • Lifetime learning mindset required

Proven Strengths

  • Ability to pay attention to details and be organized
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to project a professional image in writing, over the phone, on a video call, and in person
  • Strong Interpersonal skills and ability to work with difficult clients and defuse tense situations.
  • Ability to work with staff and clients at all levels
  • Ability to solve complex project problems, solving them effectively and efficiently
  • Crisp decision-making skills to make decisions quickly with good judgment
  • Customer service skills to engage novices to expert, calm to irate
  • Experience and comfort in managing project tasks, technical resources, and client expectations




  • 3-month contract engagement
  • Hourly compensation commensurate with experience & skill level
  • Regular Work-from-Home/Work Remote position (laptop provided for duration of engagement)
  • Professional yet Supportive, Team-oriented, Faith-forward & Family-friendly culture
  • Direct contract preferred


  • Remote work position but must reside in Minnesota or Colorado
  • Home/Remote Office space w/high-speed internet connectivity capable of providing privacy & an uninterrupted, disturbance-free work area
  • Required monthly in-person meetings at our twin cities locations
  • COVID-19 vaccine NOT required for position
Salary110.00 Hour
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