Behavior Technician

Platinum Behavioral Management | Ventura, CA, United States

Posted Date 9/22/2021

Summary of Position:

The position of behavior technician entails completion of scheduled sessions with clients, data collection and administration duties, in an effort to support the client and family.

Job Duties

· Arrive in a timely manner to scheduled sessions

· Conduct scheduled sessions in home and in clinic with assigned clients

· Provide caregiver support during scheduled sessions

· Follow programming as set forth by the assessment

· Provide programming feedback to caregiver

· Attend monthly team meetings with caregivers

· Collect data in a timely manner (e.g. during and throughout session, not at conclusion of session)

· Review notes provided by other team members at the beginning of each session

· Complete SOAP notes at the conclusion of each session

· Collect signatures on timesheet and SOAP notes at the conclusion of each session

· Provide supervisor with a monthly schedule by the 1st of each month.

· Report to supervisor any cancellations within two (2) hours of cancellations

· Report all incidents to supervisor within two (2) hours of incident.

· Applies all feedback given during supervised sessions.

· Ensure a professional relationship with clients and families at all times

· Provide translation during sessions, supervision and assessments as needed

Behavior Technician Skills and Qualifications

· Must be computer literate (e.g. have cursory knowledge of Microsoft or Apple word documents)

· Be able to write clearly

· Must be able to manage time independently

· Must be able to lift 20 pounds

· Bachelors or Masters’ degree encouraged

· Registered behavior technician encouraged
Bilingual preferred

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