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Posted Date 11/12/2021


The position of Marketing Manager is one which offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity in an ever-broadening industry. You’ll be managing the marketing, advertising and promotional activities for your clients. You’ll be expected to take steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of your clients’ organizations through agreed-upon goals and objectives. Most importantly you’ll be responsible for managing and continually improving your client relationships. Successful MadAve Marketing Specialists are perceived by the majority of their clients not as vendors, not even as marketing consultants, but as trusted marketing advisors.

We’ll expect you to come with proven marketing skills and a history of working effectively with creatives as well as Director and C-Level Executives. You should be an intelligent, goal-oriented, strategic thinker who exhibits great communication skills. You'll need to display strong team leadership skills and excel at program, project, and event management. You should also display competence with traditional marketing as well as digital marketing strategies

Most importantly, you should be a creative, curious, and hardworking marketer who is a passionate brand advocate with an overwhelming desire to grow your clients’ businesses. 

You’ll also be expected to provide documentation boasting a career in successful marketing management.


Position: Marketing Manager

Reports to: Director, MadAve Marketing Management 

Focus: Managing the Marketing Departments of your Clients

Compensation Range: Base Pay, Benchmark Pay, Fitness, and Travel Bonuses

Income Range: $50,000-$70,000 


  • Health Insurance
  • 401K
  • Professional Development Training Programs
  • Fitness Programs
  • Director’s Club
  • President’s Club All-Expense Paid Vacations

We provide comprehensive marketing management services for companies with understaffed, underperforming, or non-existent marketing departments.

We’re experts in elevating our clients’ messages, ensuring brand consistency, increasing departmental efficiencies, and making our clients’ marketing more effective and less costly.

We’re committed to disrupting the way clients have historically approached their marketing. We believe in authentic dialogue. We practice truth over harmony. And we’re dedicated to earning our clients’ trust as a valued marketing partner.

With roots that date back to 1989, MadAveGroup agencies serve hundreds of clients with thousands of locations in the United States and abroad. Our work affects the senses of tens of millions of people every day.

MadAveGroup is a progressive, fast-paced, and professional (yet politically incorrect) family of marketing agencies. We believe our employees come first, their families second, and work third. Named "A Top work Place" by The Toledo Blade, the agency provides a fun, family-oriented corporate culture that fosters creativity, camaraderie, and personal growth

Employees are given an hour each day to work out in the company gym (with a personal trainer if requested), have access to the MadAve Social Club, receive a minimum of four hours of personal development training every month, and are eligible for performance, fitness, and travel bonuses. 

In addition to Marketing Management Services, MadAveGroup agencies specialize in award-winning Caller Experience Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sensory Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Design, and Marketing for Non-Profits.


Divisions and agencies of MadAveGroup include:

BusinessVoice – Caller Experience Marketing

Design2Influence – Branding, Advertising and Design

MadAveCollective – Marketing for Non-Profits

MadAve Marketing Management – Marketing Management Services

MadAve Print and Mail – Printing and Mailing Services

SensoryMax – Multi-Sensory Marketing

TouchStone Digital – Website Development and Digital Ma


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