BELL THE CAT films | Studio City, CA, United States

Posted Date 11/21/2022

We are a full suite film and television production company looking for a web / tech / IT professional who has experience in Drupal.

We help with the setting up of legal entities, insurance, signatory with unions, business plans; development and ideation, pitch deck, sizzle creation, scripting; budgets, schedule builds, renting of gear / hiring crew (“executing a budget”); accounting and finance, tracking and upkeeping costs, payroll; post production, media management, editing and finally social media, marketing and distribution and any legal chain of title etc. Each of these particular needs is determined through stage one: consulting.

In having such a spread of specialty for this particularly specialized type of work, we end up having to have a hand in just about every facet of every industry.

So though few would likely immediately associate construction or web / IT / App builds with film and television, we do tons of physical construction with talented architect types who utilize CAD software for construction of sets or prop creation; IT holds our studio together with our servers and firewalls, and Web helps other films and assets expand their reach, visibility, and promotion (even some product sales too). Consulting and connecting is the play.

app builds and connective software are utilized regularly to expedite onboarding and other tasks.

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