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Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. | Danbury, CT, United States

Posted Date 5/07/2022

Overview of the company – Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation is an engineering-based manufacturer of products for commercial, institutional, industrial, and nuclear power facilities.

Our products include fuel oil handling systems and components, boiler instrumentation and controllers, high quality burners and nuclear power plant outage reduction tools and component parts. Continuous research and development are applied to our existing products and is helping us to lead the industry with new and innovative power plant solutions.

At Preferred, we are always hiring. That means we are always looking for individuals who can add value to the team even if there is no position currently available. Like all businesses, we have realities toward positions that are needed, and how much we can invest in new ideas, but we maintain an open mind to candidates who can add value. Our mission statement reads, “Preferred exists to continually build our specialized engineering capabilities in combustion, fuel handling, and nuclear outage support and use those capabilities to provide our customers with products that exemplify intelligence, quality, and innovation.” If you feel you can add to this mission, we encourage you to start the process.


Common Positions include


  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Chemical


  • System Sales
  • Parts


  • Electricians
  • Fabricators
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Welders


  • Customer Service
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting

You should know that our turnover is regularly under 5%, and for those who stay with us more than 2 years that number drops to ~1%. If you make it through the highly selective hiring process, and through initial training time, expect to stay here for your career. Our longest employed team member has been here for over 52 years!


To apply, go to the careers page on our website listed below and fill out the questionaire. We look forward to having you. 

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