Courier Assistant

Houston Area Courier (info withheld for safety) | Houston, TX, United States

Posted Date 9/01/2021

About The Position: Little-to-no driving on your part. You'll be assisting a long-time driver that is getting on in years. You load the deliveries - 15-25 per day; nothing terribly heavy. Zone out listening to music, audio books, reading, playing games on your phone, etc. as you ride along. Make the deliveries, then get back to whatever you were doing. No "time to lean, time to clean" while riding.

Average of under 3m per delivery. ~45-75m of work after loading. Loading usually takes one hour.

Optional: a free roof over your head while helping watch/cook for an elderly lady when done with courier work.

Currently 1 opening.

Location: Operations location in southwest quadrant of Greater Houston Area; same with optional housing.

Qualifications: Must be legal citizen of the United States of America, and not have taken the ClotShot. - car and license is a bonus for minimal driving.

Responsibilities: Q.A. cargo. Load cargo. Keep fragile cargo from breaking. Complete deliveries quickly and properly. Take pictures of delivery and confirm on app.

Start Date: Next business day if initial (in public, in person) meeting works out

Pay: $2/delivery.  Easy work.

Contact and Additional Information: Email me at:

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