Licensed Massage Therapist

Confidential Employer | Loveland, CO, United States

Posted Date 9/28/2021

Locally Owned & Operated business with no outside investors, just a husband & wife team. We have expanded on average every 2yrs & have no intentions to stop. Currently we're on track to expand again in 2yrs to a larger space with more amenities.

We don't have mask or vaccination requirements, if this concerns you we may not be the best fit for you.

We're currently seeking massage therapists to add to our staff. No need to worry about filling your schedules as we do all the marketing, booking, & can guarantee full schedules with as many appointments as you want to take. Our massage therapists book out in advance.

We offer a +32% starting commission based pay on every service including add-on's & unlike most employers your tips are yours, not divided up & not included in the commission rate we offer. Tips are listed as "Reported Paycheck Tips".

We're not going to lie to you on your pay, we're upfront & honest about our payscale, we have paper pay stubs that each individual staff member gets that breaks down pay in whole so you know exactly what the spa did for income & your share of it.

  • Advancement Opportunities with Lead & Management Positions
  • We do all the marketing such as advertising, social media, etc
  • Large returning clientele list
  • We bring in a large amount of new clientele
  • Full-Time benefits such as complimentary services
  • Paid Vacation for Full-Time with 5 day availability
  • Everything is provided | No out-of-pocket expenses
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Paid Training
  • Sales commission on retail products
  • Online booking system requires deposit up front
  • Closed on Holidays


Salary40.00 Hour
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