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Posted Date 8/11/2022

Welcome to Altius’

Executive Franchise Partnership (EFP) Program

The Benefits of Traditional Employment + The Freedom & Prosperity of Ownership

Altius is disrupting the stagnant workplace model with a revolutionary new hybrid career path, the Executive Franchise Partnership (EFP). Our EFP model gives you all the benefits of traditional employment, including a secure salary and top-notch benefits, challenges you with the authority and responsibility of franchise ownership, and rewards you with the personal growth and financial prosperity typical of a successful entrepreneur. Unlike starting your own business or buying into a franchise, the EFP opportunity requires no upfront financial investment, no franchise fee, and no royalties. EFP removes the barriers that have previously made it difficult for ambitious, hard-working young professionals like you to realize your full entrepreneurial potential. 

EFPs begin with the title of Sr. Regional Director. Promotion to Regional Vice President is typical within 2-3 years. Promotion to Sr. Vice President is typical within 3-5 years. Each promotion is accompanied by a significant increase in salary, culminating in promotion to Full Sr. Partner and President of your assigned region.

Once you reach Full Sr. Partner, all EFPs are guaranteed a minimum $200,000 salary. Full Sr. Partners receive 30% equity participation in all profit within their assigned region, with no earnings cap. As your region continues to grow, your income potential is truly unlimited. 



We approach work differently.

Most people have a job. Our team has a mission.

Most people are employees. We are mentors.

Most people TRADE their time for money. We INVEST our time in those we serve.

Most people seek to elevate themselves. Our mission is to elevate our clients and team members.

Most people expect a raise based on tenure. We reward excellence, not existence.

Most people work for someone else’s gain. We work as one and win together.

Most people make WIDGETS…and frequently change JOBS. We make a DIFFERENCE…and frequently change LIVES.

Meaningful, mission-driven work does change lives. It doesn’t maximize profits, impress investors, or help anyone get-rich-quick. Our mission is immense. The barriers to our success are numerous. The work is hard—and there’s a lot of it. For those reasons, most folks simply won’t like it here. If you’re fighting for your piece of the pie, you can probably get a bigger bite elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re exhausted with soulless corporations, societal decay, and low-character leadership…you may be ready to join us in fighting for something bigger than yourself.


Inspired Work. Never Woke.

We’re drawing a line in the sand. We do not bow to woke or politically correct ideology. We hire character first, talent second. Around here, those words mean we will hire you (or fire you) based on those two criteria—never your gender, your skin color, or any other non-mission-related nonsense. We will never coerce you to speak allegiance to any political or sociological fetish, left or right. We celebrate Christmas. If that offends you, you shouldn’t work here. We also celebrate Hanukah and Ramadan. If that offends you, you shouldn’t work here. We live the truth that all people are created equal. Woke ideology divides us; we focus on what unites us.­­­­­


Win or lose, we are beholden to no one.

We don’t participate in corporate welfare. We refused millions of dollars in PPP funds and we won’t be taking government subsidies or handouts in the future. We make a profit: Every. Single. Year. This small margin is our lifeblood, it is our primary tool for growth, and we defend it by honoring every dollar. We don’t go into debt. Ever.


Freedom Lovers Gathering...

We are grateful. We are blessed. After God and family, freedom is our greatest endowment. Nothing we achieve would be possible without personal freedom, a free-market system, and the safeguards of our inspired Constitution. We love America and never back down from her defense. Yes, these can be fighting words…but we have courage.

Some folks will find our ideals repulsive, and that’s okay. If you find them refreshing, please apply today; we’d like to get to know you better.



We’re on a mission to elevate the character, behavior and performance of all students and team members through faithful adherence to true principles and proven scientific methods.



Altius has achieved steady annual growth and profitability for 17+ years, while remaining 100% debt-free. This growth continued through the COVID lockdown, despite significant downturns throughout our industry. We currently employ 300+ team members, and have a presence in nearly all 50 states, Canada, and select international locations. We provide students of all ages with effective, caring 1-on-1 mentoring and scientifically-backed educational tools. Altius, which means “higher” in Latin, is a symbolic banner reminding us to insist upon elite performance in everything we do. We are currently staring at massive opportunities for nationwide growth. Education in the United States is about to undergo a massive transformation and we are uniquely poised to flourish in this environment.



  •  expect to receive the stated promotions based on tenure alone. First, this is contrary to one of our core values: we reward excellence, not existence. Second, EFPs are true entrepreneurs starting and scaling a new regional business. EFP promotional benchmarks are tied to actual outcomes. We cannot “decide” to give them to you; they only happen if you make them happen. Expect to work hard. Harder than almost anyone at a typical job. That is the life of an entrepreneur. If that sounds intimidating, you should stick to a regular job.
  • don’t feel comfortable selling… or you don’t like to make phone sales… or you don’t want to feel like a “telemarketer”… or you don’t feel comfortable giving a sales presentation. Building a business IS a sales position. You’ll also wear the “many hats” typical of an entrepreneur, such as operations, business development, marketing, employee management, administration, painter, janitor, etc., but remember that a successful entrepreneur is always
  • give up when things get truly difficult. The first two years of this experience will be the most challenging, but it will never be easy. It takes time to build momentum and increase revenue in a new area. You MUST have a long-term vision and the persistence to continue pursuing a goal with modest or minimal short-term payoffs. If starting a business was easy and the payoff was immediate, everyone would do it.



  • Build, strengthen, and maintain strong relationships of trust with university pre-health advisors and student pre-health/pre-med clubs.
  • Plan, advertise, execute, and present dynamic LIVE sales presentations (seminars/workshops) to large groups of university pre-med students.
  • Call all event and other lead types from your assigned region. Follow-up regularly until contact is made and close leads by enrolling students in an Altius programs.
  • Utilize multiple marketing and advertising channels to create awareness and brand recognition at your assigned universities. Expect a strong emphasis on relationship-based sales and email marketing.
  • Serve as enrollment advisor and primary contact for all students at your assigned universities.
  • Recruit, hire, and train instructors and 1-on-1 mentors for your assigned schools.
  • In coordination with Altius headquarters, schedule all classroom sessions held at your universities.
  • Observe classroom instruction and 1-on-1 mentoring to provide feedback and ensure Altius-level quality.
  • Carefully monitor student progress and score performance for all students in your region. Intervene as necessary to help struggling students.
  • Maintain accurate records at all times using Altius CRM and accounting/expense tracking software.



  • 3-5 years of demonstrated growth and increasing accomplishment as an entrepreneur, franchisee, armed services member, aspiring business leader, educator, university advisor or administrator.
  • Passion and talent for sales and business growth.
  • Strong management, presentation, public speaking, organization, and relationship-building skills are a must.
  • Bachelor’s degree is not required. Self-employed and on-the-job experience is acceptable in lieu of a degree.



The ideal candidate for the Altius EFP program is filled with entrepreneurial spirit. This could include those currently running a traditional franchise or considering a franchise purchase. It could also be someone who has previously started their own business or is looking to exit their current business. Finally, it may include a “mis-placed entrepreneur” currently caught up in the corporate rat race but ready to be their own boss. EFP is the perfect way for anyone who has dreamed of starting their own business, or being their own boss, to achieve the benefits of business ownership without the inherent risks and startup costs. If you’re willing to invest the passion and sweat equity to build up your region, we have the business model and infrastructure for success. 

Formal university degrees are appreciated, but never required. Ambition, entrepreneurism, and relentlessness are far better predictors of success in the EFP program than degrees or professional titles. The EFP program welcomes applications from those who have faced and overcome unique life challenges, disadvantages, or setbacks. Former U.S. military personnel are strongly encouraged to apply—with or without franchise or entrepreneurial experience. 

If you haven’t already, visit the Altius EFP Exploration/Information page here.



Unlike starting your own business or buying a franchise, you won’t have to sacrifice high-level corporate benefits, such as health insurance or 401(k). Here’s a summary:

  •  Guaranteed Base Salary
  • No upfront investment; No franchise fees.
  • Premium Medical & Dental Insurance Plan
  • Guaranteed 3% Annual 401(k) Contribution (no match requirement; we’ll contribute to your 401(k) even if you don’t)
  • Unlimited Vacation and PTO
  • Home for the Holidays Policy (One week off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; the Altius office is run by a skeleton PT crew to ensure you spend this valuable time with friends & family.)
  • 30% Equity Participation once you reach Full Senior Partner.
  • Do work that matters. Change lives every. single. day.
  • Work with people who are fiercely loyal to you—giving you every possible opportunity to succeed, including opportunities to fail, learn, and try again. We will never stop fighting for your success unless you do.
  • New, modern office space with flexible workspaces, soda fountain, and fully-stocked break room.
  • Decidedly non-corporate, candid, open, family-like executive team and culture. Although we have grown to have an international presence, Altius is still a true family business.



At Altius we leverage proven memory science and 1-on-1 mentoring to help our clients achieve the so-called impossible. Graduates of our program are over 600% more likely than their peers to score in the 99th percentile on standardized exams. We change the lives of under-achieving and disadvantaged students across the country by teaching them a more effective way to study and learn, and by drastically elevating their goals and eventual achievement. We currently operate at over 240 universities across the United States and also serve international clients in Canada, Australia, and the Middle East.



Altius is an equal opportunity employer. We consider all applicants without regard to race, age, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


Start your new dream career today. Set your own schedule. Enjoy unlimited vacation. Earn guaranteed ownership in your assigned region. Complete your EFP Application Packet Today! 

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