NEEDED: Up and Coming Social Media Marketing and Management Genius :-)

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Posted Date 10/01/2021

NEEDED: Up and Coming Social Media Marketing and Management Genius :-)

Imagine being part of a life-changing opportunity, where your skills, energy, and enthusiasm get you in on the ground the floor of today's newest and most Enlightened organization "BEYONDCOLOR.ORG" (Site not yet released).

Wouldn't you like to live in a world where you follow your personal "Dreams" ??

How about living in a world that's a "Color-Blind" society, where you are judged by the "content of your character" not "the color of your skin" or what you happen to have between your legs ??

In all of this, YOU are the Social Media Manager helping to make this happen one step at a time, building a digital and podcast presence from the ground up, a presence that will attract millions of followers into this movement, a movement that will help better the lives of millions of people around the globe.

As the Social Media Manager, you are assisted and guided in this endeavor, the building a better future, by a man that has seen it all,,, he's lived it, worked it, and helped people around much of the globe at the same time.

He understands humans and human nature better than most anyone walking the face of this earth today, and he has SOLUTIONS !!

In this world, the two most powerful human emotions are "LOVE" and "HATE" which side are you on, which emotion do you wish to support and  embrace ??

So far the response to this job offer (when posted on another site) has been out of control, over the top, and overwhelmingly positive. There have been to many responses for us to handle.

Therefore, in an effort to weed out the less serious among us, the interview process will start with your response to a simple question. Do you want to be a foundational building block, a cornerstone in this Enlightened movement ?? Tell us why, in your words, why you should be selected ??

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