Veterinary Assistant and Driver for House Call Veterinarian

DR MAY'S VETERINARY HOUSE CALLS | Los Angeles, CA, United States

Posted Date 5/20/2022

Veterinary assistant/technician and driver for housecall veterinarian


Veterinary assistant/tech with a minimum of 1 year of experience in the field. Must have a love for animals, a love of learning and be willing to receive constructive feedback as needed. Primary duties would include driving the veterinarian to housecalls throughout the Los Angeles area, mostly west LA and surrounding areas; typing SOAP notes on a laptop at clients' homes, emailing information to clients, administering injections, drawing blood (or being willing to learn how), restraining cats and dogs as needed for exams and procedures. Three days a month surgeries and dental procedures are offered at a clinic where the tech/assistant needs to be able to placed catheters and help prep dogs and cats for surgery as well as monitor anesthesia and clean surgical instruments. Professional verbal and written communication skills required. Safe driver, prefer at least 5 years driving experience in city traffic.


My name is Dr. Armaiti May, housecall vet with Dr. May's Veterinary Housecalls. We provide high-quality individualized veterinary care to dogs and cats in the comfort of their own homes in Los Angeles. A broad range of services are offered, including routine exams, vaccines, health certificates, blood and urine tests, acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, nutrition consultations, subcutaneous fluids, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, and at-home euthanasia when the time comes to say good-bye. Compassionate regard for patients and excellent client care are cornerstones of our practice. Feel free to check out my website to learn more about my services.

Salary18.00 - 23.00 Hour
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