Holistic MD, DO, NP

The Darling Center | San Francisco, CA, United States

Posted Date 7/27/2022

We are currently seeking a Medical Doctor MD, DO, NP to join our team! You will focus on providing high quality patient care as part of a healthcare team. We believe that practitioners should be free to treat patients as they see best so we do not subscribe to mandates and dictates that are one size fits all, rather working with our patients to select the best course of treatment for them according to their needs.


  • Perform medical procedures as necessary
  • Prescribe medications and treatments
  • Assess patient health through interviews and physical examinations
  • Communicate information to patients regarding diagnosis and treatment goals
  • Maintain patient medical records
  • Facilitate referrals to other healthcare professionals and medical facilities


  • Previous experience as a physician, surgeon or other medical fields
  • Advanced knowledge of treatment and drug interactions
  • Ability to build rapport with patients
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to analyze clinical trial data to determine if a new treatment modality has truly been tested and has proven to be safe and effective according to the FDA's standard clinical trial timelines of 5-10 years of testing before being prescribed.
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