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This Insurance Company | Tomball, TX, United States

Posted Date 10/19/2021

Hi there fellow patriot. Thanks for checking out this posting. We'll go over the basic stuff first and then get to the cool stuff later. In the end you will be selling Home, Auto, and all other P&C (Property and Casualty) related insurance with a 10% commission and a base salary of $25k (a standard month is $40k though I've personally have had at high as $90k in a month and a few others have exceeded $100k though only once or twice) Your training and licensing would be taken care of by us (assuming you are unlicensed) to sell insurance in the state of Texas. Leads and the means to work them successfully are provided for you. These are actual people who are shopping for insurance. Not cold calls. 99.9% of your working time will be on the phone, email, etc. We very very rarely have any in person visits but some customers do request them.

Anyone who can talk like a normal human being can successfully sell insurance, everyone needs it and most people want to pay less for it. Base starting salary for the unexperienced would be $30k, with experience or even being currently licensed we can negotiate more. Beyond that we can come up with an extra bonus structure for you.

Expect your training to take 6 months to 1 year. The better you do the sooner you can be on your own. During training you would be my specific aid. Gathering information from the leads, quoting, and eventually positioning them or trial closing them on your own.

The Cool Stuff :
No Masks or Required Vax (Obviously posting here)
No Real Dress Code (just not pajamas)
Long Time Friend/Family run, not stuffy corporate environment
We have a video game room set up with a Projector that our bosses will interrupt work to play with us, currently on a smash bros ultimate kick.
Can go have some beers at lunch, either with the bosses or not
Working remotely part of the time is an incentive available to those who do well
Freedom loving Americans.

Hours : 8:30 am to 5 pm M-F
Location : Tomball/Woodlands Area

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