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Beyond Clean - Lancaster, PA, United States - 11/17/2021
B2B 1099 sales opportunity providing education, branding, and marketing services for companies in the medical device reprocessing, surgical, supply chain, and infection prevention industries. Starts as 100% commission with path to base + commission with transition to account management. We are a fun, fast moving team that began as a podcast and have grown into a global force for clinical education, media, and social media strategy! We fight dirty and educate differently!
Beyond Clean - United States - 9/10/2021
Wanted: Nerdy visionary who can see the true potential of any type of content and has the skills to convert it into additional, valuable content in the digital space. For example, Podcast -- Written Content Podcast -- Graphic Content Written -- Audio Content Video -- Graphic Content Powerpoint -- Social Media Content and anything else your visionary mind can dream up. Our brand is playing hardball in the medical device content game and we need another player who can help us hit it out of the ...