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According to USPS nearly 16M people moved or changed addresses in 2020. Prudential found 1 in 4 workers plans to look for new jobs. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index says that the number is more like around 40%. 

People are moving and looking for work at unprecedented levels. And much of this disruption and movement is happening because people are searching for places where they can live and work more freely. Not really a novel concept to us Americans, right? We've always moved and set sail for new shores when life and freedom gets disrupted. 

So, we think there's a need for a job site to connect all the people and companies looking for new starts and new places. 

Howdy RedBalloon

So, howdy RedBalloon -- a job site for people and businesses that are searching for those places in our country that still protect the notion that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” and believe that the Bill of Rights, the great protector of free speech, freedom of religion/belief, and the right to assemble, is still in effect. 

Free speech match-making

There you have it. We said it, and it feels totally weird that something like this might be controversial…

Are you an employer that will protect the freedom, free speech, and right to privacy of your employees (and won’t fire them because of their political opinions)? Are you an employee who would love to do a job to the best of your abilities without fear of cancellation or termination due to your opinions? RedBalloon is for you. 

Let’s see how many of you we can match up!

It’s a much needed niche

Millions of Americans can no longer express their opinions anywhere without fear of being fired. And millions of job seekers would be thrilled to learn that a job is being posted by a Free Speech Employer-- an employer who will treat them like an adult and only care if they actually do the work, regardless of what their political opinions might be. Kinda how it used to be when liberals and conservatives worked side by side and could still have a beer together after work. 

Companies are also desperate for people and especially for those that just want to work and won’t cause a nonstop blizzard of complaints to your HR department. 

Idaho first and then…?

We’re starting in Idaho, but there is an urgent need for this type of job clarity and hiring culture across the entire country. The U.S. has a national worker shortage that isn’t going away anytime soon and a ton of work to do. It really isn’t the time to get picky about the politics of employees. 

Our work is only just underway, but that’s also where you can help us out. Create jobs. Post on RedBalloon. Hire hard working humans. Pledge not to fire them if they think differently than you do. The savings in HR alone will make it worth your while. 

Lots more to say, but for now if you are interested in learning more, posting jobs, or moving to our community, let me know

And stay tuned!

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