Introducing Anonymous Balloon


The initial interest in RedBalloon has been great. Thanks for checking us out! We’re learning a lot and working hard to connect businesses and people that still believe in freedom and the core fundamentals that have made our nation so great.

A few businesses have let us know that they’ve received some really great applicants, which warms the heart.



But cancel culture has forced many people into the shadows ...

One of the important bits of feedback we’ve received thus far is that while a lot of companies like and support what we are doing, many are just too afraid or worried about the potential blowback of being associated with a job site that actually touts “free speech.” 

Two quick responses to that:

  1. This is obviously massively concerning. What have we become? This all feels like the sad slide into totalitarianism. BTW - anyone who’s ever fled a non-free place to live in America will tell you how similar America now feels to what they fled. So, if you're afraid to speak up for fear of being fired, cancelled, or mobbed, it might be time to stand up while there’s still time. These times call for bravery. Remember that Edmund Burke quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 
  2. We need to help businesses that need to maintain anonymity. To help those that just want to hire people and to be left alone, we have created a way to help businesses that need to post anonymously...

Introducing Anonymous Balloon

We are now testing the “anonymous postings” setting. This allows you to send us your posting without having your company name attached to it. Give us the details, and we will post under Anonymous Balloon. This will allow you to connect to people that might be a good fit -- without having your friendly neighborhood intoleristas hunting you down. 

 Again, just staggering that we’d have to do that.

To send us an anonymous posting click here and we will help you out.

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