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Ask the Labor Lawyer: Canadian Employees & US Employers

Question: What do Canadians need to work in the U.S.? And what do U.S. employers need to employ Canadians?Response: American employers must verify identity and work authorization for every new hire. This is done using Form I-9. So the short answer is, Canadians must present acceptable work author...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #17 - New Year's Resolutions!

Speaking against my best interests, I can tell you 2022 will be happier if you don t have to call the labor lawyer. These New Year s resolutions will help you dodge legal disputes, and maintain a peaceful workplace:FOR EMPLOYERS:Resolve to be generous. Don t cut corners with worker pay or benefit...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #15 - Salary vs. Hourly Wages

Question: I know that salary employees generally make more than hourly employees. But otherwise, what s the difference? We are hiring some new employees and need to decide how to pay them.Response: Hourly employees are paid a certain amount per hour, obviously. This amount must be at least the mi...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #14 - Social Media

Actual question from a blue state employer: One of our employees has posted inflammatory remarks on social media, supporting Kyle Rittenhouse and insulting our governor, who opposed the verdict. Is there anything we can do?Response: For employees who enjoy sharing on public social media i.e., mos...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #13 - Criminal History

Good news for freedom-loving employers and job seekers: we have a temporary reprieve from the Biden administration s vaccine mandate. Meanwhile, for your edification and amazement, here is an actual question from a blue state employer.Q: One of my employees was arrested for shooting several peopl...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #12 - An Update on OSHA's Vaccine Mandates

Last week, OSHA issued its Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), requiring private employers with over 100 employees to implement vaccine mandates. The ETS does allow companies to offer an alternative to the vaccine, in the form of masking and weekly COVID testing.What can freedom-loving employers ...

Ask the Labor Lawyer #9 - Business Owners and Vaccine Mandates

Question: I am a business owner with over 100 employees. I support the freedom to choose whether to take the COVID vaccine. At the same time, I don t think it helps my community or my employees if we are shut down for violating Biden s vaccine mandate. What can I do? Response: Federal vaccine man...